Trex Fencing

Trex Surroundings & Seclusions privacy fencing is a durable and stylish fencing that comes in a rich, warm finish. Surroundings is the easiest fencing line to install and makes the perfect backdrop for all your future backyard memories. Surroundings also offers the ability to construct privacy or semi-privacy configurations, so like all Trex products, the design options are endless and require minimal effort to maintain.


Woodland Brown

Winchester Grey

Like wood lumber, Trex components can be combined in ways to create unique designs.

Alternative ideas for Trex fencing:

  • Semi-private spindle top
  • Trex/iron combinations
  • Shorter fences for front yards and gardens
  • Fences with custom gates and arbors

Combining the colors adds a distinct look to your property, setting it apart from other fences. The possibilities are almost endless.

Color combination ideas for Trex fencing:

  • Picture frame: posts and rails in one color, pickets in another color
  • Post and caps: posts and caps in one color, rails and pickets in another color
  • Caps: caps in one color, everything else in another color
  • Top line: post caps and top cap rail in one color, posts, pickets, and bottom rails in another color
  • Rails: top cap rail and bottom rails in one color, posts and pickets in another color
  • Alternating pickets: pickets on front one color, pickets on back another color